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Elliott Sharp: Dispersion

Elliot Sharp ‒ Dispersion of Seeds

Elliot Sharp ‒ Palimpsest

Elliot Sharp ‒ The Hidden Variable

Elliot Sharp ‒ Flexagons

ISCM - Slovak section

14 EUR


Rolling Tones / In zarter Bewegung

Louis Andriessen ‒ Workers Union

Terry Riley ‒ In C

Martin Burlas ‒ 7th Day Record

Milan Adamčiak ‒ Heterophonica II

Milan Adamčiak ‒ Adizione

Marián Lejava ‒ deadline:aria

Earle Brown ‒ December 1952

Daniel Matej ‒ Structures, Pages (… and Improvisations)

František Chaloupka ‒ The Book of Sand

The 2CD recording comprises works united, however different they may be, by a common principle: they all are “open scores” (at least in terms of the employed forces). And VENI ACADEMY itself is an environment open to all who are interested in performing contemporary music; consequently, it is difficult to foresee the line-up of musicians on any given occasion. Behind this practical aspect lies a deeper motivation: in a way, these scores are more demanding, in terms of the performer’s responsibility, creativity, and personal involvement, than meticulously worked-out scores. Thus, to learn to play this music is a greater challenge than to play traditionally notated scores; it is an invitation to explore the space of “composed, yet improvised, or improvised, yet composed music”, to inhabit this space, make oneself comfortable and move naturally in it...

Daniel Matej ‒ artistic director, conductor, pulse, Ivan Šiller ‒ executive director, pulse, Marián Lejava ‒ conductor, pulse, Branislav Dugovič ‒ clarinet, David Danel ‒ violin, Milan Paľa ‒ viola, solo viola, Daniela Česlová, Júlia Hollá, Laura Lovišková, Silvia Suchánková, Peter Duchnický, Alice Mikulášová ‒ flutes, Ondřej Milt, Jarmila Steiger, Lucie Steiner ‒ clarinets, Juraj Hodas ‒ tuba, Katarína Brunová, Ľubica Paurová, Barbora Tomášková ‒ keyboards, Martin Bertič ‒ guitar, Peter Fillo ‒ electric guitar, Lenka Novosedlíková ‒ snare drum, Samuel Hvozdík ‒ djembe, Dominik Palma, Rozália Tomášková ‒ violins, Peter Dvorský, Šimon Truszka ‒ violas, Juraj Bajús ‒ double basses